Wood Rot Repairs

We offer:

  • Repair rotten doors, door frames, window frames and window sills
  • Wooden structures salvaged by cutting out rotten wood and replacing with durable hardwood timber
  • All repairs are treated and painted to ensure years of weather protection

Wood Rot Causes, Detection, Treatment and Prevention:

Why does wood rot occur?
  • Wood begins to rot when the layers of paint or varnish (which protect the wood) wear away over time leaving the wood exposed to moisture
How to detect wood rot?
  • Wood rot is commonly found at the bottom of door and window frames/sills where rain water collects
  • Look for areas where the paintwork is peeling or flaking
  • Rotten wood is usually dark in colour and spongy in texture
How we treat it?
  • Chisel out mild patches of wood rot and insert new pieces of hardwood (more durable than soft-wood) and make good using 2 part wood filler
How we prevent it?
  • Ensure sure that all wooden surfaces (especially door and window frame/sills) are painted once a year
  • Ensure that all new wood is primed and undercoated before being painted with finishing coats (i.e. gloss or eggshell)
  • Make sure external structures are constructed from hardwood rather than softwood as hardwoods are more durable and less prone to rotting than softwoods